Ghana Dj’s: Changing The Narrative And How The Game Should Be Played.

Ghana Dj’s: Changing The Narrative And How The Game Should Be Played.

There was a time we thought it was the Disk Jockey’s job to just play the music of musicians. It seems however that this particular narrative is changing and many DJ’s around the world are challenging themselves in making hit songs of their own. In Ghana we have a few DJ’s who have produced their very own record and to the disappointment of many each song released by them became instant hits.

Vison Dj

Even though these Dj’s don’t lay a verse in their music, you can’t argue about the beats they produces. What they lack in lyrics, they make up for in classic instrumentals. It is always a joy to listen to their music.

Dj Black

One key aspect that makes their music nice to listen is, they know who to collaborate with. Making music is one thing, but knowing whom to collaborate with is a piece of a music puzzle most artiste still don’t know how to fit perfectly. Our Dj’s on the other hand, get their collaborations spot on.

Dj Vyrusky

I guess it is because they’ve been playing music of these artistes, they know which artiste would be best for their songs. We have heard great songs from Vision DJ, Dj Vyrusky, Dj Mic Smith, Dj Black, Dj Lord to mention a few. I personally enjoy them. I would however like it if all of them could collaborate and make a joint album, I believe it would be EPIC!!!!!!