GoThereWithKobbyKyei: 14 Year Old Disabled Due To Nurses Negligence (Video)

GoThereWithKobbyKyei: 14 Year Old Disabled Due To Nurses Negligence (Video)

Fourteen-year-old Suzan is permanently disabled due to the negligence of some nurses at the Tema General Hospital.

Nurses are meant to place human life at the top of their priority list but we more often than not come across incidences of negligence on their part that has many a time led to patients suffering the dire consequence.

Suzan is a victim of this circumstance and she’s one of the few children in Ghana who may not grow up having a normal life.

She wants to be a doctor in the future and loves musicians D.Cryme, Stonebwoy, and on0air personality Sister Sandybiyɛguy.

‘Go There With Kobby Kyei’, a humanitarian initiative by blogger Kobby Kyei caught up with Suzan’s family at Gbetsile Sanko, a suburb of Ashaiman.

Suzan’s Ordeal: Recounted in Twi by mother Regina but translated into English

Recounting her ordeal, the first time mother explained that she was at the Tema General Hospital in 2006, awaiting checkup but the doctor had to attend to a  patient who was in theatre.

While in labor and waiting to be attended to, she noticed that the head of the child had popped out. She explained that she called out the nurses to check on her but was stopped by an elderly nurse who asked her to keep quiet and sleep asking the nurses to ignore her.

When the doctor got back and realized what had happened, he called the nurses to deliver the baby, but due to late delivery, the damage had already been done.

After the baby was successfully delivered, she noticed it did not cry as was meant to be. She said “the nurses took the baby to the washroom and when they got back I queried them as to why the baby did not cry. They had to spank the baby for close to an hour before she started crying.”

She added that after a few months she noticed that when she tried to put her daughter to sit, her neck would bend. That was when she started physiotherapy but the child continued to grow in the same condition.

Regina insisted that the nurses at the facility did not treat her well at all, except those that were on night duty at the time.

She added that a foreigner had volunteered to take the baby on via a disability school at Apam Junction but later changed her mind after noticing the child’s condition.

Suzan’s Needs

Suzan currently needs funds to go for regular check-ups. According to her mother, she needs diapers clothing, and ultimately a wheelchair,

Suzan also wants to go to school as every other child does.

To assist Suzan, contact her mother Regina on 0243436398.

You can also contact Koby Kyei News via [email protected] or KobbyKyeiNews on all social media platforms.

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