Kobby Kyei Steps Up Brand Awareness With Billboards

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Blogger and CEO of Kobby Kyei News, Kobby Kyei is taking his profession as well as his brand to the next level with the mounting of billboards in the capital city, Accra.

Brand awareness is the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name either visually or via text.

Creating brand awareness is a key step in reminding consumers and potential clients of your brand, and that is what Kobby Kyei intends to do via the new move.

According to the media personality who has become a household name on the blogging front in the country, his aim was to give blogging a new face on the continent with what he describes as ‘blogging with a purpose.’

Bloggers around the world are deemed to be gossips who more often than not propagate untruth and Kobby will contribute his quota in changing that narrative.

Touching on the new billboard sighted in town, he simply noted: “brand awareness is one of the two-dimensions from brand knowledge an associative network memory model.”

Speaking on Accra-based Adom FM on his new initiative ‘Go There With Kobby Kyei’, he insisted he was going to use his profession, platform, and audience to touch lives and make a difference.

The initiative was borne out of his compassion for the less-privileged. He maintains that though he may not be able to help out financially, broadcasting the plight of these individuals to the public will translate into good samaritans offering assistance.

We wish the Kobby Kyei News brand all the best and hop to see more billboards.



Sena Wemz

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