Most people especially Ghanaians have a different perspective about the Rock Star Kuami Eugene. Some may be positive and negative. Some consider him to be outspoken, controversial and a whole lot.

The fast-rising upcoming artist named Kojo Luda was on a radio tour to promote his current single dubbed ‘Sika’ which was produced by Kuami Eugene on ClassDrive on Accra based Class Fm.

The show was hosted by Prince Benjamin. During the interview, Kojo Luda was asked about his relationship with Kuami Eugene and what he thinks about him after working with him.

Kojo Luda in response stated that people have different opinions about others depending on how well they relate with them. According to him the opinion you’ll have about someone depends on the relationship you have with the person.

“Sometimes on the news or social media you’ll be hearing Kuami Eugene did this, Kuami Eugene did that, but everybody has a style. Maybe you meet someone and you don’t click and you might not like that person. But since I met Kuami Eugene, we’ve been vibing like brothers and we always have fun whenever we meet.”, he disclosed.

He also added that knowing Kuami Eugene has been beneficial to him because he always teaches him what he needs to know about the music industry and how to produce music that resonates with the masses.

Kojo Luda is currently on a radio tour promoting his new single ” Sika” which was produced by Kuami Eugene.
The audio or video is available on all music platform

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