Low professionalism killed Kumawood -Gloria Sarfo

Low professionalism killed Kumawood -Gloria Sarfo

It is an open secret that the Kumawood movie industry is not as active as it used to be because of many reasons. Stakeholders in the industry both producers,directors, actors and the media have being shifting blames on each other.

Producers are putting the blami on the media for promoting movies from other countries instead of those that are produced here. The media on the other hand are also blaming the producers for not producing good contents.

In a round table discussion on UTV’s entertainment show (United showbiz) hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown, Ghanaian actress, Gloria Sarfo also pinpointed low professionalism as a key factor behind the crisis Kumawood is facing.

Professionally,every movie producer/director must have scripts which serves as a guide for actors and actresses to prevent mistakes and at the end of the day produces a masterpiece, but there were instances where some film makers shot movies without scripts to guide them.

The actress made it known that such practices she strongly believe really affected the industry because it got to a time that majority of the Kumawood contents lost weight so the patronage reduced drastically.

Moreover roles were given to people on grounds of favouritism instead of people who are competent and can play the role very well.

She holds the view that these and many factors concerning professionalism led the industry to this state where telenovelas are reigning.