Musicians Hardly Make ‘Sensible’ Songs These Days – Keche Joshua

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It has been many years of an unending conversation on the quality of songs the young musicians are churning out. Some believe music is dynamic and also a a serious business venture so songwriters and singers must do what the listeners want. Others are of the view that, young musicians must build on the outstanding legacies left behind.

As Jamaica is known for Reggae and Dancehall , America is known for hip pop, Ghana is internationally known for HighLife – a unique style of music full of wise sayings and life enhancing contents.

Joshua of award winning music group, Keche has added his voice to the ongoing conversation supporting the greater percentage of people with the view that Ghanaian music is gradually loosing its unique components.

Speaking in an interview with Roman Fada on Accra based Atinka Fm – a subsidiary of Atinka Media Village, he agreed that majority of current musicians do not do ‘sensible songs’ but rather focuses more on ‘party songs’

He said this when showing respect to the legendary HighLife Musician and band leader, Obuoba J. A Adofo Aka the Black Chinese. He said it is an open secret – almost all the young musicians are aware that the quality of songs they are releasing can not match up to that of the old legends.

Explaining why young musicians have their focus on ‘Party Songs’ instead of doing life transforming pieces, he said that per what he has realized so far as an artiste, music consumers of our days prefer more of ‘Party Songs’ so they hardly pay attention to sensible songs.

Joshua cited their own songs as examples to back his claims saying that majority of the songs they put out do not have any educative message but pieces that people can dance to at parties and pubs.

Asare-Bediako Addo | Kobby Kyei News.

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