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‘My Low Pressure Is What Made Me Testify Through A Song’ – Empress Gifty

‘My Low Pressure Is What Made Me Testify Through A Song’ – Empress Gifty

Till now, lots of you may have been wondering what inspired Empress Gifty’s new release. Well, here’s the truth!

The Ghanaian gospel singer released her latest track ‘Jesus Over Do’ about a month ago during the Year of Return season. According to her, she had been off from the music scene since 2017 and decided that her new song which had been under construction since February 2019, was going to serve as her comeback.

During an interview on Okay FM, she revealed that her devastating and low pressured periods during her music break was what inspired her to compose ‘Jesus Over Do’. Apparently, her low pressure was a more severe to her than high pressure.

“I was so stressed….frustrated….it wasn’t easy” she attested. 

But gladly, she’s back and the only one she’s grateful to for her well-being is God and that’s how she composed the spirit-filled tune to testify and show to the world that she’s a living proof of God’s glory.

At the moment, she and her production team are strategically using social media to push and sell the song since CDs seem to be archaic now.

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