Nathalie Beasnael: An Award Recipient For The 5th African Community Achievement Award

Pyramid Productions International, in collaboration with African Dream Big Corporation presents the 5th Annual AFRIFAMUACAA, that is the African Community Achievement Award.

The event is slated for March 6th 2022 at the Hollywood Banquet Hall. Red carpet/Cocktail starts at 5pm, the Award and Fashion show will also be in session at 7pm.

Tickets to the events go for $150(Regular), $250(Couples), $200(VIP).

Nathalie Beasnael is an award recipient for the African Community Achievement Award. She is based in Los Angeles, CA, a mother of two, very fluent with 5 languages, that is English, Twi, Spanish, Ngambaye and French.

Nathalie is originally from Chad, but has spent many years of her life in countries Ghana, England, Spain and USA.

It is noted that Natalie has been in the field of using her wide experience, background and skills to show acts of generosity to people in her communities.

She’s currently a Recovery Nurse at Surgical Institute in Beverly Hills, licensed and certified as a Registered Nurse, Vocational Nurse, Esthetician, AHA first Aid and BLS/CPR.

Nathalie has clinical experience as a Surgical nurse at California Surgical Institute and as a Charge Nurse at Grand Valley Healthcare.

Nathalie also has a wide experience in the cosmetic and skincare industry. It is believed it inspired her along with her friend to set up N&M Cosmetics in the year 2019.

She’s a Social Entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an emerging leader in the entertainment and medical industry. She also founded Health 4peace non-profit, A501c 3 which provides specific and basic medical supplies to some hospitals in rural areas of Chad, South Africa and Senegal.

Nathalie holds a board position as a Director of International Affairs with Upward African Woman, founder of Beasneal’s, “We Are Not The Same” which is a show that speaks a lot about our differences.

Nathalie has a lot of amazing history and experience. We wish her all the best in all endeavors.

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