National C’ssion On Culture Holds Reading Clinic For Primary Schools

The National Commission on Culture (NCC) as part of its objective to imbibe children with basic skills in reading, especially on Ghana’s cultural heritage instituted reading clinics for primary school kids in Accra.

The reading clinic is a project that helps children to be able to read basic words. It helps the kids in low-income schools to be able to read mention and use some basic words they could not use before.

The technique and books used are centred around Ghana’s culture in order to help the kids engage properly as well as get educated.

The initiative was birthed and is being implemented by the Community Youth Cultural Centre at the NCC.

Snr. Cultural Officer in charge of Admin & HRM at the center Rev. Michael Antonio Nii-Martey explained that “upon our experiment with some of the kids we realized that they couldn’t use some basic words like ‘is’, ‘this’, ‘how’ and others so that became our focus for the project.”

“The project has been in existence for the past 2-3 years to help them read.”

He added that “this year’s program started with Al-Waleed school at Mamobi, Kanda to engage them in reading. The program took off on the 13th of October, 2021 with the reading of Mr Dotse’s book ‘Meet Charley Chicken.’

“This book talks about morals and some basic stuff on how to behave as a child and we got the kids to engage in reading it.”

The Director of Community Youth Cultural Center at the NCC Dr Akosuah Abdallah also facilitated some of the reading sessions and role-plays.

She used her experience in the field to augment the training process by creating practical scenarios for the kids to understand better.

This year’s reading clinic program was sponsored by Yumivita, Meet Charley Chicken, Zongovation Hub


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