Popular Ghanaian Young Influencer KalyJay Hits 400K Followers On Twitter

Popular Ghanaian Young Influencer KalyJay Hits 400K Followers On Twitter

If there’s ever a need to be reminded to clink glasses at a feat or achievement then Hunter S. Thompson’s words affirm every reason to do so, “Good news is rare these days and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond”.

Certainly, KalyJay showed us that he cherishes every ounce of progress and inch of growth in his life, by expressing his gratitude to all of his 400,000 followers.

The young peerless Ghanaian influencer has, over the years, built rapport with fellow social media users as well as businesses and organizations with his wittiness and genuine concern for social and cultural participation and change.

Ergo, his prestige and trustworthy brand which continues to strengthen engagement and cement laudable values that are aimed at being the voice for the voiceless and motivation for the youth.

Twitter has served and continues to serve as a very marketable and resourceful platform for the likes of KalyJay. Just as other brand influencers, he has been able to garner ambassadorial deals and sponsorships from notable companies like Fanyogo, Nivea, Jumia, Bolt, UBA bank, First Atlantic Bank, Huawei, Bet Planet, Betway, Ticketlake, and many others.

Again, he has splendidly carried out the influencer function by championing courses like the young girl who needed funds for surgery, along with his colleague influencer, Mempeasem President.

Adding to his credentials is the recent #FixTheCountry course which he spearheaded on Twitter in the hopes that the loud clamours would draw the attention of Ghanaian government officials in authority to attend to the needs of citizens in the country and resolve the dire problems in the country.

A lot of political promises made by current leaders have been met with quandaries that have halted development in certain areas for a very long time. The unemployment rate among the youth for instance was one of the major reasons that called for the need to inundate Ghanaian leaders with the #FixTheCountry trend.

400,000 followers means 400,000 friends, family, business partners, allies, teammates and fans. Indeed, there’s a great and fantabulous future that awaits him.

Cheers to this and many other great achievements KalyJay!

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