Robot, My Office Colleague


The world is growing at a very fast rate than expected with the help of technology. Whoever thought that a time will come where payments would be made through digital platforms,  office meetings will be virtual, shopping can be made onlineand delivered to you at the comfort of your home, lectures will be held virtually where students will receive tuition from all over the world irrespective of their location. This should tell us that almost everything that we see around is changing quickly.

The big question is, will this technological change affect the workforce and the efficiency of the work done? Yes! Currently a lot of businesses and employers are trying to find ways to minimize cost and maximize profit in an effective and efficient manner, using technology. What this means is that human errors that cost companies huge sums of money, is now an area of concern to several organisations, as they think about getting maximum returns.

Did you know that Robots are our future work colleagues? This is a change that is emerging quickly, and a lot of employers are already taking advantage of their services since the probability of errors with robots may be limited as compared to humans.

These robots are manufactured to do exactly what they have been programmed to do. This looks like a threat to employees but an opportunity to business owners. So, if Robots, with the assistance of artificial intelligence can solve the problem of business owners what will happen to the labour force in the future?

I think the use of artificial intelligence in businesses, through robots, help to automate repetitive tasks to reduce errors to negligible rates. This will help human workers to focus on more productive areas of business operations.

You have natural intelligence, and the capacity of your brain is yet to be matched exactly. So what you have to do is to accept these changes that are coming into your world, find the weaknesses in the system, build your capacity as a person to be able to get solutions and become better in the game. Only those who are not ready to change alongside with the technological advancement in the workplace will be replaced with machines.

With the use of technology, a lot of businesses and employers are seeking for problem solvers to secure the future of their companies and maximize their wealth. So, ask yourself, are you a problem solver of the problem to be solved at your workplace? Many employees keep rebelling against management anytime they see potential technological change which they believe will put their work at risk, but I think that is not the best way to go. We as employees must develop a lifelong learning attitude in the changing world and take advantage of the opportunities available to us to improve our competencies and make ourselves relevant to the job market.

Always keep building your capacity in whatever field you find yourself in line with current industrial happenings. This is the only way you can have the robot as a colleague at your workplace without it taking your role entirely.

Stop opposing technological change, accept it, learn, and understand how it works and oversee it as a supporting work colleague but not opposing work colleague.


Daniel Arthur-Mensah, CA

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