Sarkodie, StoneBwoy And Other Artistes In Ghana Are Dedicated To Giving Back To Their Communities – France Ambassador Anne Sophie AVÉ


France Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Anne Sophie AVÉ has shared her experience in Ghana, especially with our creative arts industry and their commitment to the welfare of their communities and country.

In a recent interview on YFm with Rev Erskine, she described Ghanaian artistes as ambassadors, selling Ghana to the world.

She said;

“Artistes have a role as ambassadors to their country. Your office is a very dedicated people. Whenever they perform overseas, there are always moments in their concepts where they will praise Ghana. They sell Ghana. Somehow, we are all counterparts but I have that feeling.”

She further added that, Artistes in Ghana no matter their height in the industry always want to give back to their country and community, since it is the community and country that raised them to such level.

She said;

“Artistes here in Ghana also have this dedication to bring back to their communities and that is something we share in common. They could say they are super stars and enjoy their money on success, but they don’t do that. They share with people; they never forget that. They never forget about where they are coming from and give back to their community and that is very impressive.”

According to Her Excellency Anne Sophie, Artistes like Sarkodie and Stone Bwoy are deeply committed to bringing back to their communities, and talks about their background anytime they mount a platform.

She said;

“They don’t make noise about it, but they just do and that is very impressive. Of course, when you are visible there is always someone with a camera who will catch you, and when they see Sarkodie giving out some things in Tema, even if he wanted to go unnoticed, everyone will know it, but he will never brag about it.Sarkodie is deeply dedicated to bringing back to his community and I know Stone also has that. Anytime we chat, he mentions where he is coming from and how this has shaped him.”


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