Shocking! All Time YouTube Views of Some Top Ghanaian Musicians

Shocking! All Time YouTube Views of Some Top Ghanaian Musicians

Digitization has taken over every facet of the world and it is playing a key role in the world’s development agenda. One field that has felt the massive effects of today’s digital space is music.

Today, music distribution has taken a different shape with the advent of social media and online streaming platforms, one of which is YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming platform.

This social networking tool has risen to be an indispensable part of the music industry. Aside it serving as an archival space, it also provides an avenue for marketing and income making. With our musician bragging and making so much noise about the “K” (thousand) subscribers and “M” (Million) views in their bid to claim dominance and supremacy, Kobby Kyei News did a research on all time total YouTube views of these artistes taking into consideration the time they signed up and their subscribers.

NB: This is in no particular order and these numbers were recorded on 13th January, 2020, 12am. There maybe changes as at the time you’re reading this article.

Again, artistes who are signed unto record labels and whose official videos are published on the YouTube channels of these record labels were not included in this research.

Below are the details of our findings:

Sarkodie – Joined: 2nd December, 2012; Subscribers: 488K, Views: 160, 290, 691.

Shatta Wale – Joined: 19th November, 2012; Subscribers: 436K, Views: 140, 873, 617.

Stonebwoy – Joined: 14th October, 2010; Subscribers: 258K, Views: 65, 528, 328

Samini – Joined 22nd April, 2013; Subscribers: 41.1K, Views: 8, 205, 283

Kofi Kinaata – Joined: 31st October, 2014; Subscribers: 150K, Views: 29, 859, 386

Manifest – Joined: 6th June, 2007; Subscribers: 40.3K, Views: 7, 721, 148

Medikal – Joined: 21st December, 2013; Subscribers: 96.8K, Views: 15, 127, 924,

Strongman – Joined: 27th April, 2013; Subscribers: 60K, Views: 4, 810, 823

Teephlow – Joined: 15th October, 2015; Subscribers: 13.2K, Views: 1, 066, 077

Kwaw Kesse – Joined: 24th June, 2014; Subscribers: 19.7K, Views: 2, 440, 060

Becca – Joined: 14th July, 2016; Subscribers: 78.3K, Views: 30, 684, 283

We believe this article will enlighten our musicians and their fans on how we can push our music to the world.

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