South African star Ciza visits Ghana for the first time.

South African star Ciza visits Ghana for the first time.


Ghana has become the best destinations for artists all over the world. Artists from Nigerian, Kenya, US, South Africa, etc travel to Ghana either on a fun trip or to perform in the country.

South African Rapper and Afrobeat artist known in Showbiz as Ciza came to Ghana recently to promote his current album ‘Golden Boy Pack’.

At an album listening held in Accra, he shares his experiences in the music industry to the media and his plans ahead.

According to the 20-year-old artist, his musical journey began very early because he was born into a family of music lovers and that has influenced his decision to go into music.

“Music has been a part of me my whole life. I see music as a therapy and I express myself through it”, he said.

When questioned about his aspirations in the musical journey, he stated he is interested in making good music and he is not under any pressure to quickly get to the top so he is sticking to making good music for now.

The music industry around the world has changed with different styles and genres but according to Ciza, one of the things he is happy about is how artists are authentic to the extent that they share their culture through the music they do which he learns a lot from.

He disclosed that he is hopeful to work with Black Sheriff and other top Ghanaian artists.

Ciza currently has 7 songs that are doing very well on all digital platforms and he is also promoting his new album.


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