The Breakdown: Kobby Kyei Analyzes Diana Hamilton’s ‘Adom’ Single

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Blogger Kobby Kyei has once again carefully critiqued and analyzed yet another song, aided by his music education background.

The record that was broken down this time was Diana Hamilton’s latest release ‘Adom’ (Grace).

Checkout analysis ranging from the key in which the song was recorded, the instrumentation as well as the aesthetics amongst others.

The music is in D flat Major.

The composer used a number of chords like ( chord 1, D flat major, chord 4, G flat major, and chord 5, A flat major) including chord 6 with dominant seventh chords like V7 of chord 5 and V7 of chord 4 respectively.


Taking a critical look at the instrumentation of this piece, I see it to be very good. The instruments are all in key. No discords are felt in the music. Harmony was good. I mean the blending of the parts is superb. Instrumentalists are to take note of the following. They are to accompany the vocals of a composition, not the opposite. What am I saying? Instrumentalist must play undertone for the voice to be heard than that of the instruments. In other words, the voice must always be loud than the instruments. Diana’s piece clearly depicted that dynamics and that is a plus. You can hear the voices clearly and louder than the instruments.
Nice one there.


The aesthetics as far as this piece is concerned is good. The title was clearly seen throughout the piece. That alone creates a certain kind of beauty. The beauty of a piece of music is sometimes not only in sounds but also in lyrics and how it depicts the tittle. The movement into the minor section also creates a certain kind of beauty which makes the piece very nice. This piece can be rated as an A piece.

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Music is an art, therefore, it needs to be approached with critical thinking skills. Musicians must be ready to learn in order to compose pieces that are pleasant to both the layman and music literates.

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