Worship Gym August 26,2018!!

Worship Gym August 26,2018!!

Pastor Bennywood is a pastor of the Assemblies of GOD, Ghana, he heads the Praise Palace A/G at Olebu-Ablekuma .

For the past fourteen years of his unwavering singing ministry, he has manned-led Praise and Worship at The Exhibition
Assemblies of God, Dansoman that has helped create a lifestyle of love in worship from the heart amongst the youth and all who have tasted under his ministry. Currently, he is studying at the Theological Seminary of the Assemblies of GOD. He has been singing since the age of eleven.

The Bennywood Gym is a worship outreach ministry with one core mandate; to propagate the gospel with spirit filled and inspired songs accompanied with word ministrations.

The adopted name; “Gym” models the fact that, as people go for physical body building for well-built muscles and muscular effects etc, the same is very necessary for Creations (Humanity) to what’s more connect to a heavenly source to build up both spiritually, mentally, socially etc. thus, the gathering of people to give worship to God our
eternal father, Hence The Bennywood Gym.
By divine election, Pastor Bennywood happens to be the Senior Minister of this great Ministry.

Again, The Bennywood Gym has been in existence for the past two and half years. This Gym concept really has been a blessing to people such that, we have encompassed over 18, 000 followers on face book..

Pastor Stephen Bennywood has been called to provide content to the body of Christ as far as worship is concerned thus, new worship songs filled with God’s presence will be taught and God will be exalted upon. This year’s event promises nothing short of God’s glory and power. Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr, Pastor Denzel Prempeh, Pastor Eric Adobah Thompson, Min.Eugene Zuta and Minstrel Eunice Cofie are excellent tools in God’s hands to ensure His presence and power at this year’s event.

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  1. Rasheedat Shade

    In the name of Allah (God), the Gracious, the Merciful.


    Peace be on you…

    This is the message by the command of Allah (God) Almighty; not forged, neither is it from an hater of religious sects, but as a plain Warner. All have been led astray from the path to God: Muslims, Christians, Jews or People of other faiths.

    Many have lied against Allah in different ways; they do not follow His guidance in the Qur’an. “The Seal of the Prophets” have been misinterpreted by the majority of Muslims. It does not mean “Last Prophet”, as the Guidance and Mercy of Allah never end. An analogy is like the collective name for all the Messenger(s); One people in obedience to God: Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus (peace be on them) is Muhammad(un).

    The Muslims today are not the believers of the faith of Islam but lie and have misguided others from the truth; they do not abide by the commandments in the Qur’an. They: Pray 5 times a day, Adhere to the teachings of the Book of hadiths, Celebrate the Eid Festivals, Believe in Prophet Muhammad.

    The only Muhammad in Islam is Allah Almighty (One True God). He has not command believers to follow “Prophet Muhammad” as no such Prophet among the Messenger(s) of Allah but follow the faith of the Messenger(s); Abraham (peace be on him). He fulfilled the Commands of Allah; made a “Leader of men”.

    Many are either devoting to, or disputing “Prophet Muhammad” and wasting time on vanity. This is to call every one to repent; seek forgiveness from Him, reform and adhere to the Commandments of Allah in the Holy Qur’an alone, as the Messenger(s) and their followers who have passed away have done. There is severe punishment for those who disobey and choose not to repent.

    As for the People of other faiths: Christians, Jews, Agnostic, Atheist, others. Islam is God’s religion revealed to the Messenger(s) in the Qur’an: Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Ahmad (peace be on them), and others that are not mentioned. A religion that; if followed as the chosen honoured servants of God had done, leads to One Path to the true God of Peace. The language in the Qur’an is Arabic; which the Messengers speak; they worship Allah (One God).

    There is no other God to be worshiped except Allah; not Jesus, Carved images, Fire, Sun, Moon, Stars; worship He Who creates all things; the only Book for guidance for all men is the Holy Qur’an; sent to Moses and Jesus (peace be on them). There is no truth in any other Book: Bible, Book of Hadiths, but majority have adhered to the falsehood which they learn from these Books. No soul can bear the burden of another. God’s principle is on Truth, Justice and Balance. Follow the Commandments in the Qur’an as the above mentioned people who are some of the chosen ones of God have done. Any contrary beliefs is falsehood and there is severe consequence for those who follow in place of the truth.

    The Qur’an is the Book of Wisdom, Balance, Truth and Harmony; those who disbelieve in it change some translations to seem negative cannot alter the principle of truth it contained. Then those who think they can prove it as a False Book by quoting few verses and misleading others on what they themselves have no knowledge are harming themselves.

    The issue of fighting in the Qur’an is toward the people who are the first aggressors against the believers in One God; He is of Justice and create men to worship Him and enjoy security; He command kindness to people. The orphans, parents, kindred, women, strangers, neighbors, foolish, needy, and poor.

    Again, this is a call by the command of Allah; Who is the Creator of everything for peoples in all nations to follow the truth, worship ONE GOD; adhere to the message of the Qur’an; turn to Him in repentance.

    There was a time He made you into being in the womb of your mother; from when you were nothing, so do not turn away with pride on the truth as He does not like the disobedient. Many generations were destroyed for these reasons and a grievous punishment is also impending for the generation of this present age.

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