You Need A Team Of Professionals If You Want Your Music To Go Far

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As musicians I know you are the music makers of today and tomorrow. And there’s a lot to learn when it comes to music. Being a promising musical artist especially in Ghana can be very challenging, and sometimes that can be the same problem for some established acts notably when they don’t have a team of professionals to work with. But I believe this beautiful piece will be of help to you.

There’s a popular proverb that says if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. As a musician who are you going together with?

That’s a profound proverb. Realistically, one can shine (“blow”) easily in our music industry as a musician – from getting all the hype and attention with regards to popular a song or video the person might have released. And this usually last a year or two if the person has no professional team to handle his or her brand. Hence, it becomes very tough for one to grow in the music industry and expand his career.

However, I believe a team of professionals for that same talent can put up a judicious plan to elevate the musician’s brand to another level. For this reason, I want to say that one’s career as a musician can go far if the person has a strong team who can work with him professionally to sell his brand.

Working with a team of professionals is absolutely a good investment for any music talent. Besides, we have established acts who are less relevant in our music industry due to lack of efficient team players including publicists, business executives, promoters and DJs.

You can’t do this all by yourself in this game. Critically, if you look at the most successful music careers globally – you will notice that it’s the team that creates the success, not the individual alone.

Managers, lawyers, publishing and licensing companies, booking agents, DJs, publicists, journalists, Public Relations and social media all go into making a great team.

Do you have a personal DJ, PR team, law expert, business executive or a distribution company that you work with? If the answer is no, then you intensely need them! Yes, only if you want your music to go far.

Do not focus on yourself only, recognise talent in others and hold them close to your brand. In this industry it’s about surrounding yourself with talented and highly motivated people that believe in you and bring resources to the table.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Invest thoughtfully in your craft as a musician and explore the world. Likewise in a digital age like this, don’t forget to make good use of the internet particularly when it comes to marketing, advertising and distribution of your songs. It’s possible!