We Are Wasteful: Citi TV Journalist Proposes Solution To Aid The Economy Management Other Than E-Levy


A journalist on Citi TV gave a piece of advice to the leaders of the country, on how this economy can be efficiently managed, proposing solutions to the management of the country without making the E-levy an option.

For him, government should cut the waste, which is also a report from the Auditor General, do well to tax property, implement Tax exemptions Bill and widen the tax net (non-retrogressive).

He said;

“Government must go back to cutting waste. Go to parliament, go to ministries, plenty V8s. We are not being sinical. A country that is broke shouldn’t be riding around in V8 in Accra for what? Funeral? Have a pool of V8s and if anyone want to go for funeral which is official, let them have one. Go to parliament, some have their drivers inside with their cars still breathing.”

He further added that; In fact, you can sell all those V8s and build three hospitals or more. We are wasteful. Government is too big; we spend too much money on things that are not necessary. You’ve not paid NABCO, you’ve not paid Youth and Afforestation, you’ve not paid LEAP, why are you paying ministers? If there’s no food in the house, who doesn’t eat first?”

On the benchmark value reversal he said; “The import benchmark value reversal that we believe was a mistake to reduce, the reversal is a good policy, be bold, implement it. What are you afraid of?” He said.


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