We had not less than 80 security men at the VGMAs, what happened was just a breach – George Quaye

The review of the unceremonious 2019 VGMAs continues and this time it is the PRO of Charter house, George Quaye speaking.

In an emotional interview on Hitzz FM’s daybreak hitzz with celebrity DJ and host Andy Dosty, the official mouth piece of Charter house alluded to security breaches in the English premier league as an example of what happened last Saturday as against public opinion that there was not enough security at the events grounds. He said, “I don’t understand when people say there was not enough security. We had not less than 80 security men. We had some in the perimeter, in the venue, on stage and even had some sitting in the crowd without them being clad in security apparel. What happened was just a breach like what happens else where”.

A tearful George Quaye mentioned that it’s been a very difficult past few days for him and the entire team who committed so much into this event only for it to be brought down in a few minutes in a moment of indiscretion and madness. He condemned the act and also stated that latest by Wednesday he will be addressing the media in a press conference to settle all issues relating to the VGMAs. He retorted that the matter has been handed over to the police and they’re dealing with it.

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