‘Setting the record straight…’

This article is not to hold brief or justify Fella Makafui’s actions and inactions but rather to send a signal to the teeming youth of this country to accept positive change and encourage innovative ideas. Especially when it is coming from someone who is not perfect but striving to affect lives of others positively.

Before you proceed, sit up because this journey is quite long.

It is quite unfortunate, infantile, petty and unprofessional for some ‘learned’ individuals with influential brands on social media to spark a controversial discussion with a destructive potential of bringing into disrepute the reputable image of the African University College of Communications, AUCC.

In the seven days, some mainstream media timelines and social media news platforms have been buzzing with an issue that bothered on budding actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui visiting AUCC to give a speech on entrepreneurship. A reportage that simply lacked the professional ingredient named objectivity.

Unfortunately, none of the media entities and portals sought to cross checking factssurrounding the issue. Some Radio and Television Program hosts started a discussion on basis of a video snippet mischievously selected from the entire program meant to propagate mischief.   

The wild discussions on the issue mainly focused on whether she is a qualified personality to be invited by AUCC to speak on entrepreneurship? The entities who misinformed the public failed to report that Fella Makafui put together professionals on her ‘Start Now Campus Tour’ to empower tertiary students in entrepreneurship. 

The commentary was very denigrating on theimage of the African University College of Communications and the person of Fella Makafui tagging her as a misfit; slay queen, immoral and intellectually daft in the area of entrepreneurship. 

Indeed, it is public knowledge that a number of entrepreneurs that are currently employing thousands of graduates were failures intellectually. I think the definition of education has not really gone down well with many educated youth of today. 

Many confuse the ability to chew and pour information to pass examinations with the ability to put the same information to practical use in order to achieve a successful initiative that solves problems. To name one; Osei Kwame Despite was not a graduate when he built his business and media empire. He is currently employing graduates!

What is the basic definition of an entrepreneur?

On Google: ‘… this is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit

Now, is Fella Makafui an entrepreneur or not?

As a student, journalist and blogger who is still learning, I wish to state the facts in order to clear the ‘cobwebs’ of doubt forced into the minds of the masses by unprofessional media practitioners who chose sensationalism over objectivity. 

Their actions negatively affected all parties involved in the issue.


For the record, AUCC did not invite Fella Makafui to come and give a speech on Entrepreneurship. However, management of Fella reached out to the executives of AUCC-SRC Women’s Commission to be given an opportunity to bring her Entrepreneurship initiative dubbed ‘Start Now Campus Tour’ which was in line with the entrepreneurshiptheme chosen for the 2019 AUCC-SRC Women’s Week Celebration.

The executives of the AUCC-SRC after considering the caliber of resource persons Fella Makafui had put together for her entrepreneurship campaign found the initiative impactful and gave it a heads up.

Resource Persons: 1. Lecturer and Examiner at the Department of Marine and Fisheries, University of Ghana, Dr. Jandelina Angela Lamptey.2. Ghana Police Service, Human Trafficking Department, COP Patience Quaye.3. TV Personality and Lawyer, Ama Pratt.4. Dr. Careen Agyeman Prempeh

Fella Makafui on AUCC Campus after these personalities have finished engaging the students also shared her entrepreneurial experience.

Before we continue remember that in 2018, it was reported by tradingeconomics.com that; ‘unemployment rate in Ghana increased to 2.40 percent in 2017 from 2.30 percent in 2016.’ It the same year, it was reported that more than 1.2 million persons from the ages of 15years and older are estimated to be unemployed. The Labour Force Survey Report explained that about 714,916 of the above figure are females representing 57.2 percent.’

Indeed, the above figures clearly prove there is a need for a strategic economic mechanism to reduce the number of unemployed youth. 

Unfortunately, apart from the effort of politicians and government, we have very few influential personalities contributinginnovatively to lift the unemployment issues burdening this country.

Fella Makafui the acclaimed ‘misfit and morally corrupt’ budding actress and entrepreneur decided to put together some resource persons to encourage and empower some young tertiary students to embrace entrepreneurship in order not to add up to the staggering unemployment rates. 

Unfortunately, some social media influencers, users, media entities and bloggers who did not patronize the program, chanced on a videomischievously edited from a response Fella Makafui gave to one of the students during the seminar and blew it out of proportion. 

The untoward approach led to many misguided reactions that sought to dent the image of the African University College of Communications. We must sometimes watch before we leap. It is obviously very wrong to judge a book by its cover. 

At least the same ‘misfit’ Fella Makafui arranged for resourceful individuals to empower the young ones and we chose to demoralize her efforts because of maybe some bad decisions or steps she took. We all need a second chance in life because there is none fallible.

We have nurtured a culture of destructive criticism that kills the victim rather than helping them transform positively.

How did we manage to attain such destructive positions as discerning people? Maybe we should learn to criticize constructively and embrace the ‘fallen’ when they finally ‘rise’ to live and do well.    

Confusing Personalities

To the point that many raised about Fella Makafui’s brand that makes her a wrong option to champion an entrepreneurship course, I beg to differ;

I just do not believe that once people make wrong choices and decisions in life then they are condemned for good. I believe in the power of the word ‘CHANGE’.

Fella started gaining attention as a cast in ‘YOLO’ that went viral. She played a role that made it easy for her to be noticed. It was my first time encountering her.

As a person who understands the arts and have followed showbiz for a while, I know most of the things considered to be morally awkward in our Ghanaian societies are acceptable in showbiz.

Most of the issues raised about Fella that has to do with her relationship, dressing and posture on social media is what is heavily patronized in the showbiz industry. Interestingly, she is one of the few that has over a million followers on social media. Who are majority of her followers? Who patronizes her wine, outfits and the eyelash brands she keeps advertising on her page?

If we don’t change the way we criticize our very own when they err, we would end up killing a lot of initiatives that can help us grow one way or the other. Unfortunately, the western showbiz socialites who are sometimes invited to come and grace our august occasions, do the unimaginable, yet we purchase their brands and other commodities they put on the market.

My views are not to encourage lifestyles that are not morally upright. I only seek to spread the message of open-mindedness that allows one to see better, the greater good in another than their mistakes or imperfections.

Remember, Alvin Toffler once said; “The illiterate of the 21st   Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Happy International Women’s Day to all beautiful women around the globe making a change. Especially Fella Makafui.

By: Listowell Acquaye

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