Why National Service Allowance Delay Sometimes


National Service Personnel happens to be the mass complainant of allowance delay. Most at times, the blames are channeled against the government of the Republic of Ghana but most people get that wrong.

According to Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah who happens to be the Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Scheme, most National Service Personnel are to be blamed for the delay of their allowance.


In a recent interview with Blogger Kobby Kyei, Gifty made it clear that, the reason why National Service Allowance delays sometimes is that, most personnels fail to submit their monthly duty form on time, which is a mandatory requirement for payment to be done.

She said;

”For National Service, our month in review commences on the 15th so as we are speaking my May starts right from the middle of April by 16th and ends by 15th of May, so what we do is before the end of the 15th you are supposed to to have submitted what we call the monthly duty form. Most of the National Service personnel delays so much in the submission of their forms, but unless you submit these monthly duty form, you cannot be paid.”


She further added that, it tends to affect those who submitted theirs on time.

She said;

“It affects the other people who might have submitted early because we cannot also start paying in pieces. We have about 70,000 people we are paying, so if we have about 85% done, we go ahead and pay. So the delayance comes out of this.”


She cited an example of such incidence, saying;

“I think October and November, we had to pay two months together, because as at the middle of November we realized that, only 25% of then had done the submission.”

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