Winners and Losers at the 2019 VGMAs – Part 1

The 20th edition of Ghana’s premier music awards scheme, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) happened over the weekend in what is now called the “New Dome” in Accra yesterday. A lot of people did their reputations good with awesome performances with other star names enriching their CVs by bagging some awards whiles others too left a dent on their brands with some untoward and unimpressive moves. Here at Kobbykyeinews, we continue our postmortem of Saturday’s event with the 5 biggest winners and losers on the night.


Kwame Sefa Kayi (MC for the night)

Maybe he might have been a victim of his own high standards but Mr. Kayi’s performance as an MC for the night left much to be desired. The backlash on social media seems to have been the perfect verdict and summed up the appalling performance of on one of Ghana’s most experienced broadcast journalists. He was low on energy, and brought nothing exciting a typical MC for such a big event was expected to bring especially when Charter house had gone every length to book him for the night. It was just a big NO for Chairman General.

Shatta Wale

He is seen as the bad boy of Ghana music and rightly so he delivered on the night albeit in a shameful manner. His role in the violence that ensued has further tarnished his already unloved image in the showbiz space. I think it’s time we all began to take a tougher stance against Shatta because just him alone cannot take our music industry to such expensive and disgraceful ransom.


The bhimnation president is here because of his reaction to the distasteful fracas that broke out. He had every right to get angry and also defend himself but to pull a gun? No! Irrespective of the provocation it never warranted him to go to that extent and already Stone seems to have lost some love from music lovers. But with his apology, we hope it restores the lost love and respect.

Charter House

Charter house over the years has not been in the good books of a lot of music lovers in Ghana and yesterday’s happenings has further deepened that apathy. Question marks had already been raised about the lack of a proper plan and inadequate preparation towards the event and rightly so everything the naysayers said came to pass. Sitting arrangements, lights, sound, security just to mention a few was nothing to write home about. They may have done their best but their best was not good enough. We cannot blame anyone but them for all that happened yesterday.

Ghana Music

In all of these the biggest loser on the night was the entire Ghanaian music industry. With an entire global audience watching us, we decided to sell disgrace instead of Grace, dishonor instead of honor and we made ourselves a global spectacle of mockery and mediocrity. Is this the Ghana music to the world we have been singing about all this while? It indeed fell short of international standards and it may take a long while for us to gain that respect again.

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