World Changers Network Africa Africa is the New World.

The Africa we knew over the years has grown to become an Africa that most people and countries look up to in terms of investment, opportunities and beautiful sceneries for tourist attraction.

The narrative of Africa has to change, if the people of Africa can not say or put out a good narrative about it , how then can one living outside consider it a good one.
Africa is beautiful with beautiful people filled with potentials and talents , potentials and talents that needs attention and grooming to become perfect gifts that will also add value to the economy and command a change in our nation.

Did you know that by 2040 if Nigeria plays its cards right , it could become Africa’s only global superpower and the fourth largest country in the world after India , China and the United States . It already has the continent’s biggest economy , a huge military budget and a fair record of regional engagement.

Africa must unite to take over the world, I know this is a statement that one will want to argue with but I stand not to be corrected because the America we see and want to go to in search for green pastures was an imaginary dream of an individual and organization years ago.
Today the dream has finally become a reality , Martin Luther King Jr of late memory once said I have a dream that even through the difficulties this nation will rise up and live up the true meaning of its dream and that he holds this truth and it’s self evident that all men were created equal …… Africa must know this that we have equal potentials and talents as every individual on any continent right now.
We as individuals must sit up because our worth as Africans or good citizens is not in what we have or have achieved but it is in what we can also add to make our nations better.

Upon several research it is believed that there are over 20 billion rich Africans living oversees, have you thought of how Africa will be if they all come to invest back into Africa ?

Africa must Rise … I Aaron Adu Ayim , I have a dream that soon Africa will take over the world and it is possible.

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