New Trending Artist.. KING LOVE ISAAC Single ”MENSOMOBO” Out now!

New Trending Artist.. KING LOVE ISAAC Single ”MENSOMOBO” Out now!


This song is taken from the forth coming album also to be released December this year.
The song from the album ”mensomobo” simply meaning I fancy you or I love you! As heard on all the good Radio Stations and seen the reviews in music magazine including Showbiz music mag; and also advertised on many of the popular internet sites, The sing mensomobo to Buy CDs;.

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Another Song, We have sneaked out form KING LOVE ISAAC for coming album is titled “Kolo”
( wapaho – to beat a woman is a thing of the past )
this song focus on the love that every man should have for a woman as God created them for us to be_loved.

This sensational track is designed for all lovers.
“Kolo” The song for all lovers; specially dedicated to women and their love one’s, women are to be loved not to be kicked about or punch like a boxing garget. Those kolo days are gone?

This is why we thought we would sneak this song out for all to hear it first and to get some into your loving homes before the song album release date.